Garden Design and Build in Warlingham, Surrey

Location: Warlingham, Surrey

Garden Design and Build in Warlingham, Surrey

Location: Warlingham, Surrey

Job Description

Client Brief: To install and enlarge a new Natural Stone Patio to compliment the style of the property. A bespoke seating area to one corner of the garden to be able to sit and look back the house.

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Type: Decking - Garden Design
Manufacturer: London Stone
Location: Warlingham, Surrey

A Little More About This Project

A perfectly suited project to its location and surroundings. The corner seating area was constructed using a combination of Oak Timber Beams and Sleepers, Composite Decking and Composite Battens. The Framework was constructed with the Oak for its characteristics and structural quality and the composite material supplied by London Stone worked seamlessly with the natural timber to give an effective area.

The half-covering gave the feel of enclosure but left two sides open for exposure to the rest of the garden. A raised bed was built to enable some planting to the area and some trendy lighting added to make the space usable by night.

After providing several samples to the client they opted for Graphite Limestone from London Stone edged with facing brick which matched the newly built extension to make the patio combine with the building.

A raised bed was constructed to one side of the patio which had a horizontal screen above constructed with the matching composite batten to show continuity throughout.

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