Porcelain Patio Construction in Horley, Surrey

Location: Horley, Surrey

Porcelain Patio Construction in Horley, Surrey

Location: Horley, Surrey

Job Description

Client Brief: To replace existing patio over two levels for new Porcelain Patio on one level leading up to the garden bar.

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Type: Patio Construction
Location: Horley, Surrey

A Little More About This Project

A large Porcelain Patio replacement for this client. The existing patio was inherited by our clients from the previous owners. They had completely renovated the property and it was now time to move onto the garden.

This client enjoys simple, clean minimalistic living but are very heavy on entertaining for family and friends.

New drainage was installed to take the surface water from this new larger space which was designed to be on one level the flow of water was definitely going to be increased.

A charcoal kerb edging was installed to border the patio and lawn and create a contrasting edge.

As a late addition the client asked if we could also install a LED strip light between the Porcelain Paving and the Kerb Stone. This was an excellent detail and we are really glad they thought of it!

Large format Paving units were laid at half bond to create a sleek and clean space.

All in all a very nice new patio area for these great clients.

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