Garden Design & Build in Selsdon, Surrey

Location: Selsdon, Surrey

Garden Design & Build in Selsdon, Surrey

Location: Selsdon, Surrey

Job Description

Client Brief: The client wanted to make their small space an impressive one and low maintenance was key.

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Type: Garden Design & Build
Manufacturer: London Stone
Location: Selsdon, Surrey

A Little More About This Project

This client again wanted to be able to enjoy her outside space after the first Covid lockdown whilst being mindful that low maintenance was important once they resumed commuting to and from work.

We used Brazilian Black Slate Cladding to dress the existing walls - once we installed this the client then wanted the back of the extension done to enhance the space even more. As a contrast to the wall cladding the Brazilian Grey Slate was used for Paving - a tight joint left between the slabs ensured we could use an exterior grout for a neat finish.

The artificial lawn complemented the darker surroundings and made it appear more vibrant.

Our favourite part of this project was the first use of Artificial Living Wall Panels to discreetly hide the Air Conditioning units to the side of the house whilst making them easily accessible also.

We returned later in the year to complete the clients front Garden too.

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