Driveway Construction in Caterham, Surrey

Location: Caterham, Surrey
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Driveway Construction in Caterham, Surrey

Location: Caterham, Surrey

Job Description

Client Brief: To remove the original block paving as installed when the property was built and replace with a surface that had much more aesthetic quality but could still be utilised as off street parking for visitors if required.

Type: Driveway
Manufacturer: Paving Stones Direct
Location: Caterham, Surrey

A Little More About This Project

The original block paving was removed and the site prepared. The client wanted detail and aesthetics but due to the space being small less would be considered more. Having shown our client some previous examples of slate driveways we had completed with granite border detailing they agreed to proceed. Granite Setts form the exterior border and large format blue/black slate was laid to the main area. To keep the project looking sharp we laid all joints to a 5mm spacer and finished with Kerakol Fugabella Exterior Grout. A very neat and simple job but maximising the potential with the budget.
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